S3 Accelerated Gateway

S3 Accelerated Gateway

The S3 Accelerated Gateway has been designed for businesses that rely on the S3 protocol but are frustrated with slow internet lines and/or require objects to be cached locally. Similar to a standard proxy server, the S3 Accelerated Gateway will send all objects to the cloud while saving all custom metadata and objects in a local disk cache. This allows users to have near local read speed on recent objects when manipulating objects in and out of the cloud. This is ideal for users or applications that still require local object access but don’t want the latency between the on-premise appliance and the cloud storage. The S3 Accelerated Gateway also has the ability to mirror to multiple cloud locations and/or multiple Cloud Storage regions. Click here to purchase and download the OVA

The S3 Accelerated Gateway has been designed to cache custom metadata and objects to a local disk cache. Once the object has been written to local disk, the user is free to continue with their other duties while the object is written to the Cloud Storage in the background. The object is free to be accessed during the upload. The objects will also stay in the local cache allowing immediate read access.

The S3 Accelerated Gateway allows the most accessed objects to remain local. This means no egress fees and more efficient access to objects for both reading and writing.

BridgeSTOR understands that disk cache is important. The S3 Accelerated Gateway requires flash disk for local metadata and flash or spinning disk for the object cache. BridgeSTOR does not charge by disk capacity. Feel free to load it up.

The S3 Accelerated Gateway has the ability to mirror to four Cloud Endpoints. A Cloud Endpoint could be a Cloud Storage Provider such as Amazon S3, an additional Amazon Region or a local object storage such as Cloudian. Currently BridgeSTOR supports almost every Cloud Provider and Object Storage Vendor using the S3 Protocol.

The S3 Accelerated Gateway has been designed to use multiple background threads. The number of threads are tunable allowing for fast access to the cloud.. This allows objects to quickly be move into remote cloud locations including multipart objects.

The S3 Accelerated Gateway ships as a Virtual Machines (OVA) and currently supports VMware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, Linux KVM and Amazon AMI’s.  Click here to purchase and download the OVA