S3 Accelerated Gateway

S3 Accelerated Gateway


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The S3 Accelerated Gateway subscription has been designed for small business or enterprise customers that require support for high-speed S3 access to Cloud Storage or Local Object Based Storage.  Each S3 Accelerated Gateway installed is assigned to a single bucket and requires an individual subscription.  Local disk cache is unlimited so you may us any disk capacity or any type of cached storage.  The S3 Accelerated Gateway is sold one location depending on requirements.  So if you want to install 10 Gateways, you are required to buy 10 subscriptions.  Each subscription includes 7/12×4 support.  7 days a week 6AM-6PM PST support with a 4 hour call back.  Each subscription also includes automatic software upgrades for bug fixes and new features.  So feel free to install them anywhere on the edge.  In one location or at as many locations as required.

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