Brooklyn Cloud Edge Cache

The Brooklyn Cloud Edge Cache has been designed for businesses that require seamless access to a Cloud or Object Storage using a traditional Windows or NFS protocols. The Brooklyn Cloud Edge Cache includes one copy of the Coronado Gateway and adds the ability of a tiered edge cache for local performance. Similar to a standard proxy server, the Brooklyn edge cache will save all file meta data and the most active files in a local disk cache, while mirroring all data to Cloud Storage. This allows users to have near local speed while manipulating files in and out of the cloud. The Coronado Gateway exports out NFS and SMB while the Brooklyn Edge cache conveniently processes data to the cloud. This is ideal for users or applications that still require local file access but do not want to want for the latency between the on-premise appliance and the cloud storage. The Brooklyn Edge Cache also has the ability to route to multiple cloud locations and/or multiple Cloud Storage regions.

FDF Icon Coronado Cloud Edge Cache Data Sheet

The Brooklyn Edge Cache includes one Coronado license allowing the Brooklyn edge cache to export SMB and NFS protocols. If required additional Coronado Cloud Gateways can be added to extend the local footprint at the edge.

The Brooklyn Edge Cache has been designed to cache file metadata and the most active files locally while mirroring all data to the cloud. This masks that latency of the time between the local site and the cloud storage.

BridgeSTOR understands that disk cache is important. The Brooklyn Edge Cache requires flash disk for the metadata and flash or spinning disk for the file cache. BridgeSTOR does not charge for cache capacity. Feel free to load it up.

Brooklyn has the ability to mirror to 4 Cloud Endpoints. A Cloud Endpoint could be a Cloud Storage Provider such as Amazon S3 or it could be local object storage. Currently BridgeSTOR supports almost every Cloud Provider and Object Storage Vendor using the S3 Protocol.

Brooklyn has been designed to use multiple background threads and is tunable. This allows files to quickly move into the remote cloud locations.