Coronado Free NAS Gateway

The Coronado Free NAS Gateway has been developed for personal use only and is designed for individuals that require access to Cloud or Object Storage buckets using a traditional Windows or NFS interface. This Free version is identical to the BridgeSTOR Coronado Gateway but does not support Active Directory or Gateway Encryption. Unlike most NAS appliances, users are allowed to access the local Centos 7 instance to run native Linux Applications, setup security or send data directly to cloud over the local mount point. All BridgeSTOR products do not write objects in a proprietary format cloud format unless gateway encryption is enabled. The object in the cloud will be in the same format as the file on the ground. Shipped as a virtual machine the Free Gateway may be installed in less than 15 minutes. All that is required is an existing or new bucket or blob, credentials and the endpoint address to the Cloud Storage. After connecting to the share, users or current applications may use a drive letter from Windows or a mount point from Linux to easily transfer files to and from Cloud Storage while newer S3 Applications may also read/write to the same files.

The Coronado Free NAS Gateway has been designed for personal use only. The appliance has access to new or existing buckets without encryption and Active Directory support. There is no caching support like the Brooklyn Edge cache so all objects are only written and read from the cloud. Click here to Download the OVA.

Supported cloud providers include Amazon, Backblaze, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, RSTOR and Wasabi. Basically any Cloud Storage product that supports the S3 API.

Supported object storage The Coronado Free NAS Gateway supports the Amazon S3 API. Object Storage that supports the Amazon S3 protocol should work seamless with Coronado.

The Coronado Free NAS Gateway has an internal disk cache for fast uploads. However, unlike the Brooklyn NAS Edge Cache, all files are recovered directory from the cloud storage. There is no local disk cache for the most used files. This means that all files will be pulled directly from the cloud limiting recovery speeds.

The Coronado Free NAS Gateway, unlike any other Linux servers allows support for internal Linux applications. A Cloud Bucket is mounted as a single mount point in Linux for example /c00. This mount point is approximately 90% POSIX compatible and most local applications should be able to use the local mount point. The only difference are the files are stored in the cloud not in the local Linux environment.

The Coronado Free NAS Gateway ships as a Virtual Machines (OVA) and currently supports VMware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, Linux KVM and Amazon AMI’s. Click here to download the OVA

Coronado Free NAS Gateway diagram