Windows Compatibility

One of the major goals of BridgeSTOR was to bring the cloud file sharing capability into the IT world without major changes to the current corporate environment. Most IT environments require Microsoft Windows and Active Directory. The Coronado Cloud Gateway joins Active Directory in the same way Windows Servers join Active Directory. This allows applications that map to BridgeSTOR products to share file access the same way Windows Servers share files.

Using the Coronado Cloud Gateway, users may easily map a local drive letter to the Windows Desktop. Nothing is different than mapping to a Windows Server. With Active Directory support, users may use their current Active Directory credentials.

All BridgeSTOR products allow the administrator to join their current Active Directory environment. Once joined, all users that login may use their Active Directory Credentials. All files they transfer into the cloud will carry their ACL credentials. Other users that do not qualify to see the files will not have access.

As long as the BridgeSTOR products can talk to an Active Directory server, it can follow the ACL’s for that user. That means a file could be entered in one part of the enterprise and only seen by other users in the enterprise that have the same credentials. This allows Windows to scale beyond the local LAN environment.