BridgeSTOR's Data Deduplication File System (DDFS) is Virtual Server - Advanced Data Reduction (VS-ADR) technology was developed by John Matze to perform tape deduplication, cloud deduplication, VHD deduplication, VMDK deduplication and DPM deduplication, delivered as a virtual appliance. CRUNCH, with DDFS at its heart, is the BridgeSTOR product that enhances cloud data access, cloud data transfer and cloud security (using MetaData Isolation) for vendor-independent and multi-vendor cloud storage. DDFS is the only dedupe to tape and dedupe to cloud disaster recovery software product that is optimized for deduplicating archived data and deduplicating offsite storage. Business continuity is enhanced and network data transfer efficiency is optimized through deduplicated CRUNCH data transfers. DDFS includes optimizations for Hyper-V deduplication and VMware deduplication and is delivered in virtual appliances. Additionally, BridgeSTOR is the only vendor that offers both in-line and NearTime™ deduplication for DPM 2012 used with Microsoft Server 2008 servers.

Coronado Hybrid Cloud NAS

  • SMB II and NFS support for easy application integration
  • Inline direct access to Amazon S3
  • Active Directory integration
  • ProtectedCloud™ Encryption provides XTS-AES 256 military grade encryption
  • Virtually unlimited local disk cache for most recently used files
  • Network I/O Acceleration makes the best of limited bandwidth
  • Global File System for multi-site file sharing
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