Ransomware Solutions

Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware has been a major issue for all corporations over the past few years. Millions of dollars have been spent to hackers all over the world to recover encrypted fieles. Backups have been used in some cases to recover data but most backups are not current and some data could be lost. Cloud and Object Storage have the ability to create versions of a file. If a file is modified, the old file is still saved as a version. But how do you recover the versions? The Sydney Recovery Gateway is a visual tool that shows the current file and all versions associated with the file allowing administrators to recover files if they have been encrypted or lost.

The Sydney Recovery Gateway requires Cloud or Object Storage API’s for Version control. When a bucket is created in the Cloud Storage and versions are enabled it will be given a version id. When a file is deleted or overwritten the file will not be permanently be renamed with the version id allowing this file to be recalled at a future time.

The Sydney Recovery Gateway mounts with a unique view of the bucket showing not only the existing files but also versions and deleted files with the deleted file versions. Versions may be copied to a local disk or promoted back to the current file.

Command line tools allow administrators to list files, copy files or remove files by date range. This allows a simple script to be made to recover a file, a sub-directory or the entire bucket to be recovered to a date in time.

Export a NAS share to your local windows box allowing the version view to manipulated with standard drag and drop technology