Sydney Scale-out NAS

The Sydney Scale-out NAS has been designed for businesses that require affordable scale out NAS storage for one or multiple environments. The Sydney Scale-Out NAS build on the BridgeSTOR Brooklyn technology includes Windows with Active Directory and NFS access to object storage. Most object storage today is built with Erasure Coding technology that removes traditional RAID support allowing for storage platforms to easily scale past 100TB, 500TB or Petabytes of storage. However, object storage has been built with just a standard S3 interface and most have multiple ingest heads to support high performance. Sydney adds Windows and NFS protocols to Object Storage while using a Round Robin algorithm communicating with the ingest heads creating a high performance tier of Scale Out Storage. Sydney will also synchronize NAS data with Cloud Storage or remote locations allowing multiple locations of the enterprise to accumulate the same data. This is ideal for backup, long term archive or collaboration of files.

FDF Icon Sydney Scale-out NAS Data Sheet

The Sydney Scale Out NAS built on 1U NAS heads includes BridgeSTOR Brooklyn technology allowing High Speed NAS to communicate with Object Storage with Windows, Active Directory and NFS protocols. This allows performance speeds exceeding 750MB a second on traditional files.

The Sydney Scale-out NAS heads includes multiple disk caches for increased performance and to reduce latency. An ingest disk cache built on flash allows files to quickly be stored for corporate users. Sydney also keeps a short term cache on high speed spinning disk for the most active files reducing trips to the object storage. In all cases, the files will be sent quickly and efficiently to the object storage where all NAS data resides.

BridgeSTOR understands that disk cache is important. The Sydney Scale-Out NAS does not charge by cache capacity. Sydney requires flash disk for metadata and flash or spinning disk for the local cache. Feel free to load it up.

Sydney has the ability to mirror to four Remote Endpoints. A Remote Endpoint would be another enterprise location which includes another Sydney Scale-out NAS and/or a Cloud Storage Provider such as Amazon which also runs a Sydney AMI writing to native S3 buckets.

Sydney Scale-Out NAS also includes a backup component that sends all NAS data to S3 compatible buckets. This combined with Cloud Storage versions give a secure backup capability for NAS environments.