Sydney Ransomware Gateway

Ransomware has been a major issue for all corporations over the past few years. Millions of dollars have been spent to hackers all over the world to recover encrypted files. Backups have been used in some cases to recover data but most backups are not current and some data could be lost. Administrators need a simple way to recovery files. Cloud and Object Storage have the ability to create versions of a objects. If an object is modified, the old object is saved as a previous version. Up to this point, there has never been a bulk recovery of versions. The Sydney Ransomware Gateway is a visual tool that shows the current object and all versions associated with the object allowing administrators to easily recover objects if they have been encrypted or lost. The Sydney Ransomware Gateway is ideal for recovering ransomware or just recovering a file for the CEO.

The Sydney Recovery Gateway mounts buckets in a traditional file system format. For recovery it mounts two file systems. The first file system is a normal read/writable view of the bucket allowing normal modifications of files. The second file system is read only view of the bucket which shows all files with file versions. This allows administrators to view carefully view and modify the bucket.

Versions of files may be read or copied to local storage without damaging the bucket. Files may also be promoted to the current file by easily selecting the file and doing a “save as’ to the current file name. The current file will be made a version and the older version will become the current file.

Versions of files may also be deleted. Current Cloud Storage has minimal was of deleting objects relying on policy based movement to other tiers. The Sydney Recovery Gateway with simple scripts may easily be used to delete files from the system saving money while using versions.

The Sydney Recovery Gateway may be used out of band and the same time users are still updating the system. This allows administrators to work on the system with minimal down time.

Sydney Recovery Gateway is build on Linux and supplies a number of command line tools to make moving versions easier. It includes a programs to list files, copy files and delete files all including date ranges. The copy tool is also powerful as it allows versions to be recovered without having to copy the file from the cloud and then back up. This not only saves time but also money as there are no egress fees.