BridgeSTOR Unveils “Big Data” Network Storage in a “Small Data” Footprint

Offers Aggressive Data Reduction Across both NAS and iSCSI SANs

POWAY, Calif. – March 23, 2011 – BridgeSTOR LLC today announced its Application Optimized Storage™ (AOS) Appliance for Network Storage, that slashes storage capacity requirements, power, cooling and management costs across both NAS and iSCSI SAN environments by up to 70 percent. The BridgeSTOR AOS Appliance for Network Storage confronts the growth in data stored on NAS and iSCSI SAN systems through the industry’s most powerful combination of ASIC-accelerated deduplication and compression.

Combining HP server hardware with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, and BridgeSTOR’s Virtual Storage – Advanced Data Reduction (VS-ADR™) technology, the BridgeSTOR AOS Appliance for Network Storage reduces the need for storage hardware as aggressively as VMware reduces the need for server hardware.

“BridgeSTOR’s advanced data reduction products help businesses withstand the relentless growth of data stored on iSCSI SAN and NAS volumes without overwhelming their storage infrastructures,” said John Matze, CEO of BridgeSTOR. “The AOS Appliance for Network Storage brings effective and affordable data reduction to our SMB, SME, departmental and workgroup customers who are not storage specialists.”

BridgeStor’s exclusive Virtual Storage-Advanced Data Reduction (VS-ADR) technology combines inline, ASIC-assisted block-level data compression and deduplication with “Disk-on-Demand” thin provisioning for optimized and scalable storage. With the use of industry-proven hardware-accelerated data deduplication and compression, the BridgeSTOR AOS Appliance for Network Storage delivers the capacity-saving benefits of advanced data reduction without an impact on the user experience or changes to their infrastructure, while improving storage utilization and creating a greener storage infrastructure. Disk-on-Demand thin provisioning enables storage managers to allocate storage volumes of any size to servers without physically installing storage until needed. The combined impact of VS-ADR and Disk-on-Demand slashes capital expenses on storage hardware, in turn reducing operational costs for power, cooling and storage administration.

The BridgeSTOR AOS Appliance for Network Storage enables businesses to start with virtual storage capacities as small as 2.6 TB that can be scaled up to 33 TB of usable RAID-5 capacity. VS-ADR provides compression and global deduplication across both block and file data pools, enabling the AOS Appliance to deliver effective and efficient data reduction of up to 70 percent regardless of how network data is accessed. The appliance can be deployed for high-availability applications in optional dual-active configurations.

BridgeSTOR now offers AOS Appliances for VMware Virtualization, Backup Exec 2010, Microsoft DPM and Network Storage. AOS Appliances start at MSRP $20,000 and will be available exclusively through select channel partners. Please see to locate a partner or for more information.

About BridgeSTOR

BridgeSTOR, LLC is an Advanced Data Reduction company headquartered in Poway, CA, near San Diego. The company is extending the boundaries of data deduplication into virtual machine disaster recovery and archive, optimized virtual data transfer to the Cloud and the long term retention of deduplicated data on magnetic tape.

BridgeSTOR was founded in May 2010 by John Matze, a “serial entrepreneur” with highly-respected credentials in identifying and filling technology gaps in storage product portfolios. Led by a management team that enjoys more than 100 years of data protection and storage industry experience, BridgeSTOR is bringing innovative and high-demand disaster recovery, archive, data reduction and backup solutions to organizations of all sizes.

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